"Spiritual Yoga"

   10 week class 

Wednesdays - 9:30 am to 11:00 am

starts May 1st 2019 - Walters Ash (High Wycombe)

Level : All levels 
When: Starts May 1st, 9:30 am to 11:00 am , 10 consecutive Wednesdays (with the exception of May 29th, so last session on July 10th)
Where: Meditation Cabin, Walters Ash -( HP14 4UF) 
Cost: £150 
Places available: 4 ( fully booked)
Booking: please e-mail ignazio@humanspiritualevolution.com
Class description and Structure :

This Spiritual Yoga class is based on the AYP system as well as on the MPA school of meditation.

Advanced Yoga Practice (AYP) is a form of Yoga that promotes human spiritual growth for Enlightenment.

Together with traditional postures, it includes advanced pranayama and meditation as core practices.

It is a scientific and incredibly efficient path to Enlightenment that blends Inner Silent Awareness and the cultivation of ecstasy within the nervous system as the main "ingredients". 

Class Structure is as follows: 

Jattis - Warm-up 

Each session starts with the release of superficial tension through gentle movements that loosen joints and warm muscles.

Asanas - Postures

Then practitioners dive into a series of traditional postures, which reach and release deeper tensions.

All postures are supported by conscious and guided breathing as per Gitananda Yoga.

Pranayama - Energy/Breathing

The class then moves into pranayama techniques which, along with releasing physical tensions, start to address and purify the deeper layers of the nervous system as well as redistribute the energy within in a way that is

conducive to meditation. 

The principal pranayama technique is Spinal breathing, for the cultivation of the nervous system to conduct ecstasy and prepare for Meditation.

Deep Meditation

The end of Spinal breathing marks the beginning of a Deep Meditation, for the cultivation of Inner Silent Awareness and the consequent cultivation of Bliss.


The sitting part of our practice ends with Samyama, an advanced technique to help direct the energy created by meditation in to many aspects/qualities of our life.


After the practice, we rest lying down to let all the energies distribute within our body and mind.


Following the practice session, there will be a short time for some guidance and tips on the techniques, Yoga theory and space to ask questions or share experiences. 

Practitioners are also encouraged to take on the practice at home, during daily life, and adapt it to their own needs, desires and capabilities. 

More information about AYP from the official AYP Website

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