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I’ve attended Ignazio’s workshops and had a few 121 sessions in the last few months. Ignazio is really patient, really listens and adapts how he leads the 121 sessions each time.  I’m enjoying learning from him immensely but most of all I come away amazed at how much he tries to simplify complex ideas and take my random thoughts and really help fit  the  jigsaw pieces together. Things I’ve always felt and questioned but could never validate. 
In the workshops Ignazio relays his personal experiences with humour, humbleness and whole hearted honesty.  I feel very encouraged to keep learning, meditating and to delve deeper in hypnosis with his guidance.

For anyone exploring their spiritual path, at whatever stage you maybe, I could not recommend a better mentor than Ignazio."



"I went to Ignazio having being treated for PTSD.  I was better but I was still struggling with bumps in the road.  I have only been working with Ignazio for a short while but already I am reaping the benefits.  Ignazio has put things into perspective and has helped me to stop engaging so deeply with the bad emotions that were making my life difficult.  I personally think that meditation is a brilliant way to resolve issues within yourself and your life.  For me it works because I don't particularly want to tell my "sob story" and with Ignazio you don't have to.  He simply gives you the tools to allow you to work on yourself.  He is kind, calm and compassionate.  He has a vast experience with meditation and explains the concepts very well.  His reassurance has allowed me to relax into this journey with confidence and as I become more in touch with what is right for me the better I feel.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Ignazio to anyone."


Rich, High Wycombe"

​"It has been a pleasure meeting and having Ignazio as a teacher and mentor. He is clearly very knowledgeable and grounded. Personally I have learnt more with Ignazio within a short space of time than I expected and initially realized. He is able to adjust his teachings to individual requirements and always entertains my innate inquisitiveness. I feel my technique, understanding, and ability to feel like I have had a productive meditation session has improved exponentially under his guidance. I have dabbled in meditation intermittently over the years but this is the first time I feel like I am slowly growing within this discipline

Aj "


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