Meditation Classes

Meditation for balance and relaxation

Level : beginner and intermediate
When: Mondays 7.15 pm - The Meditation Cabin - High Wycombe 
             Tuesdays 7:15 pm - Positivity Center - Burnham (Burnham Plants ,Nashdom Lane, SL1 8NJ)
Cost: 8£/session drop in - 7£/session when booking 5
Get in touch to let us know you would like to join out class
2018 class dates: click here

This class is designed to teach and support participants with the practice of mediation.

The main objective of the class is to learn and practice deep relaxation for stress relief and and learn how to find a peaceful balance.


The technique mainly used for this will be the "Descent to Zero", taken from the MPA – Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge school - and is practiced by thousands around the world.

It is an effective and well balanced technique to completely relax body, emotions and mind as well as cultivate awareness and mindfulness.


In this class participants will be guided and can just let go into increadibly regenerating states of relaxation.


Each session will be comprised of 1 guided meditation session (about 30 minutes) and a final moment ( about 10 minutes) for some guidance/teachings on meditation and questions.

The entire class is 40 minutes long. You will leave completely rejuvenated, relaxed, balanced and peaceful!

Meditation for Spiritual Development

Level : Experienced/ Advanced
When: Mondays 8.15 pm 9:45pm- The Meditation Cabin - High Wycombe 
Cost: 10£/session drop in - 8£/session when booking 5
Get in touch to let us know you would like to join out class
2018 class dates: click here

This class is designed to support participants with the practice of mediation as well as progressing at a faster pace in personal and spiritual development.


Each session will be comprised of 2 meditation sessions as well as guidance/teachings on meditation and a space for group sharing and questions.


Each class will have a specific focus. (See details below)


The first meditation will be a guided meditation with the objective of exploring, embracing, clearing and integrating various aspects of ourselves.

These include inner dialogues, mindfulness and awareness exercises, deep breathing, nervous system soothing techniques, communication with our subconscious and higher self, connecting to innerguidance, cultivating talents, expoloring and removing negative/harmful subcosnscious believs systems that no longer serve us and many more.


The second session will be aimed at achieving the deepest level of Inner Silent Awareness, in order to perceive the state of "Pure Being", as well as with slience integrate the previous meditation.


Following the second meditation, there will be a space and time for futher guidance and to share, according to one's individual desire, experiences, intuitions and questions about out practice and growth.


This class is mainly suitable for people with experience of meditation and that meditate (or aim to) regularly.


This class is 90 minutes long.


If you would like to participate, please get in touch to discuss.
Please do get in touch before dropping in for the first time.

Advanced Meditation Class monthly focus

April: Inner Dialogues

May: Contraction and Expansion of Awareness --> Cosmic Consciousness

June: Light Language : Effects of producing Light through imagination on Body/Mind 

July : Connecting to Inner guidance and guides.


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