Sunday 20/05/18 - Rossetti Hall -
High Wycombe  10:00am -5.00pm
"Gifts & Higher Purpose"


In the second of our two workshops, through guided meditations and healing exercises, we will be working in deeper levels of consciousness with the aim of discovering our Higher Purpose  in this lifetime, and connecting with the Gifts we have been given in order to achieve this. 


We will facilitate a space in which you are supported and held safely in order that you can allow the deepest levels of shifts in consciousness to occur. So if you feel that you are ready to surrender and allow for more lightness in your life, please join us with open hearts and open minds.  


The day will be composed of an initial introductory talk into the objectives of the workshop as well  as us sharing our latest insights on Spiritual Development, both on a personal, as well as on  a global scale.  



Participants will be led through 5 deep, guided meditations and healing exercises: 

2 guided meditations will be directed towards clarifying Higher Purpose and the Gifts available  

2 guided meditations will be anchoring the information and energies through deep silence  

1 guided session will be focused on what is possible because of the new awareness and  

information brought to Light,  


The day will be brought to a close with a group sharing session as well as a Q&A, and some  guidance to make the best of the experience, and how to keep nurturing the effects to improve one’s  life.  


You are welcome to come to both or either one of these workshops. There is a discount for attending both. 

The workshops will draw from some the best and most effective spiritual 

approaches to enlightenment, from deep silence awareness, to QHHT  

(quantum healing hypnosis technique) to practices that expand awareness in cosmic consciousness.  


These workshops are open to all, but are ideally advised for those who are already established on their  spiritual journey. However, intense desire to participate, moved by sincere thirst for spiritual and  existential fulfillment, can be sufficient. Please get in touch if in doubt. 


Please bring with you a pen and paper to take some notes, and we suggest  perhaps a yoga/meditation mat, pillows/stools/blocks for meditation, a blanket.  

Also please bring your own packed lunch. A light vegetarian/vegan lunch is  recommended. 


The cost of the workshop will be of £60/person.

A limited amount of concession spots will be available for £45/person for people that are experiencing financial limitations.


If booking the 2 workshops, the cost will be of £110 (or £82.5 concession)

Please contact Ignazio or Susan to book and arrange for putting down a non-returnable deposit of £20 (or £40) for the 2 workshops by Sunday April 1st. 

Alternately, you can book and pay the workshops in full on-line. Standard Refund Policy applies. 

Contact Susan at

or Ignazio at

Logistics and location

The workshop will be held in

Rossetti Hall, 38 New Pond Rd, Holmer Green, High Wycombe HP15 6SU.

The program will start at 10:00 with arrival and registration at 9:45.

The day will end around 17:00 and we will take a break for a light lunch at about 13:00.



My name is Susan Campbell and I have been on my own spiritual path for many  

years. Along the way, I have discovered that one of my gifts is to help facilitate  

change in others, and that working on a transpersonal level can produce  

profound results. I am a Reiki and Anusha Ascension Healing Teacher, a trained  

Hypno-Psychotherapist and QHHT Level 2 practitioner, and am currently in  

training as a Celtic Shaman. At this stage I mainly use Anusha and QHHT in my  

work. Having worked in altered states of consciousness using different methods,  

I am familiar with the territory and well placed to guide you safely and gently  

through your own journey of discovery.  

For more details visit 


"Thank you so much for today, I'm so glad I attended. It was a lovely

group of souls and I loved the

way that you and Ig worked together, in a smooth and complimentary way.

I will treasure the insights today and will look at how that integrates in

to other work that I do."

One thing I realised was as we went from planet to planet, I felt like Ti

nker Bell, in an expanded

state, touching one planet then another, like shooting a beam of ligh

t, it was creating a grid of light,

connecting all the planets and stars ... I feel we were all doing t

his, so great work was being done ..."


"Feel amazing today


something deeply healing took place yesterday. Am at a different level


awareness somehow .. . My yoga was fluid and zinging with energy. Thank you

to Ig, Susan and all

the beautiful shining aware people who made the event very special




Thanks guys for today. I’ve had an amazing day, my forehead is feeling a little weird and activated.

Feeling sooo much lighter and bright in my hearty after letting go

of some deep traumas that were

overwhelming but knowing that the light beings and guardian angels h

ave taken care of that I’m left

feeling very much relieved and loved.


Thanks Ig and Susan for guiding me in a safe direction of letting go

and making this day possible

for us all"


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