Wednesday 28/02/18 - Meditation Cabin   High Wycombe    19:45-21:45
2 evenings - Seminar: Kundalini awakening and the Spiritual path 


The awakening of the Kundalini energy is a one of the key objectives of many spiritual practices, and a by-product of most of the others. It is a latent energy, often described as a dormant serpent coiled by the bottom of the spine, capable, if awakened, to open up the spiritual dimension of a human being.

This process is also associated with the opening of the third eye as well as the production of ecstasy within the body, which is a limb in the interconnected family of pleasant human experience together with peace and bliss.

Kundalini is also sometime associated with difficult inner experience which often arise from a pre-mature awakening of this energy. It can happen because of certain practices, or it can happen spontaneously in some cases, even without the support of spiritual practices. The workshop will also address this side of things and support in bringing back the balance.

This event is divided into 2 evening sessions (Wednesday Feb 28th and March 7th).

Attendance to both sessions is required.
A powerful Kundalini practice called Spinal Breathing will be thought. This is based on the AYP (Advanced Yoga practices) system. 

These 2 sessions will look at the role of Kundalini energy within our spiritual development, how to cultivate its awakening in safe, yet direct and powerful ways.

There will be guided exercises, meditation and some direction on how to integrate these practices into our daily life.

This event is ideal for anybody involved in spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, Tai chi and similar. If you have no meditation experience but feel strongly attracted, please get in touch to discuss.

The Seminar is not suitable for anybody with severe mental illness or going through a particularly stressful time.

Please bring your personal yoga and or meditation gear (if you have it) along with a warm blanket. Chairs are provided.


The cost of the workshop is of 30£ in total for the 2 sessions.
To book a spot,  please e-mail me on  or follow the booking system below.

To reserve your spot you can put a £10 deposit or alternately pay full amount.

Standard refund policy applies 

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