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Free on-line event, Dec 12th : Connecting to the Higher Self

Free Taster group session : On-line
3 Practices to Connect to the Higher Self


12th December 2021, Sunday 6 pm UK (45 min)

Event description

The Higher Self is Real.

What has been declared by sages and self-realized masters over the ages is True.

There is a part of us, the “Seat” of our Soul, that knows everything about us (and more!).

It knows the Plan, the Bigger Picture. It knows the Details, our Everyday struggles….

The Big question is, how can we access this?

After decades of guiding people to their Higher Self through Deep Meditations, Dreams and through the amazing QHHT hypnosis, I’ve summarized this knowledge into 3 practices that can help you do just that, connect to your Higher Self.

Join us for this 30-minute Free Live Event, packed with amazing information and clear guidance for you to follow and implement into your life, should you wish to.

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About your host, Ignazio

Ignazio is a Spiritual mentor with 20 years experience in the field of Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge, who has studied under the guidance of many Self-Realised Masters. He is a Level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner ) with hundreds of past life regressions under his belt and in training for his Level 3 status.

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