Hypnosis Testimonials

Ignazio is such a professional practitioner with a kind heart, warm, peaceful and yet skilful at what he does. He has a good communication skill which is very important in this kind of work. He offered to pick me up from the station and dropped me off as well. The environment was peaceful with a beautiful energy which makes one feel completely safe.
The QHHT itself is on a different, I have never seen anything like it before. I was able to find answers to burning questions in my life. This technique is super safe and I will recommend it to anyone to have a feel of it and I will also recommend the services of Ignazio because he is very good at what he does. I am thankful to have met this fellow Ignazio. Five Stars without question!!!

Amin, 2020

I would like to share my experience with you on Ignazio Dentici and the quantum hypnosis healing he practices. I had quantum hypnosis healing with Ignazio very recently. I wasn't quite sure about it and was very nervous but I am already experiencing changes, for the better.
Ignazio is very nurturing and caring in his approach. He reassured and supported me through the experience. I would certainly recommend him. I think the quantum hypnosis healing method is very important but for me the person that delivers it, is even more important and I couldn't think of anyone better than him.
Lesley Manning, 2020

"I did a QHHT session with Ignazio 18 months ago & recently asked for a copy of the recording as I no longer had mine, it was incredible listening to it back and now seeing that this was a big part of my healing journey, moving forward in life & working through blocks. 

In my session ‘I as my higher self’ told myself a number of things to do to create my dream life, be happy, understand my mothers death & and keep moving forward. 

Fast forward 18 months and this year I have been to India to study another Yoga teacher course, Peru to do an plant medicine retreat, I have visited 5 states in America, been to 2 personal & business development events run by people I am truly inspired by, taken a holistic health course, invested in a coaching program, set up an online business health coaching & teaching Yoga and Pilates (my passions) and I am now living in India with plans to travel the world. 

I would 100% recommend working with Ignazio"

Victoria, Nov 2019

"Ignazio is a wonderful practitioner of QHHT and made me feel comfortable throughout the session . He even went the extra mile to help with aspects of meditation and spirituality. Would highly recommend."
Neil, October 2019 

"I had a QHHT today with an amazing human being Ignazio Dentici, he took me so deep to the very depths of my soul,, so much to take in, cannot comprehend exactly what happened today, not why I am in this physical body, truly amazing experience I'd highly recommend this to all star-seeds and lightworkers and like me"
Jack Carter, October 2019

"Had a fantastic QHHT session with Ignazio, such a beautiful soul who put me immediately at ease and takes you through the process in a really practical and down to earth way. I’m sure I’ll be benefiting from his insights for many months and years to come, thank you!"

Natalie Revell, September 2019

   "It has been a week now since I have had the QHHT, and I can definitely feel that has been a positive shift in aspects of my life and blockages present now feel cleared. During the process Ignazio made me feel so safe very supportive, he is such a gentle caring person who I felt I could really trust. The QHHT was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend Ignazio."

Rupinder, July 2019

   "Ignazio gave great guidance throughout the whole session from beginning to end.
I loved how his voice was really consistent, soft, mellow and smooth...I believe it really helped me through.

And lastly, Ignazio demonstrated extreme patience, as at times the images/messages are not immediately clear. I realise after listening how slow it was for me to speak at times,....

I would recommend Ignazio to anyone who has never tried anything like this before.
It's such a wonderful, special and supported spiritual session by such a compassionate professional."

Daniela, July 2019



   "I have been particularly interested in QHHT for sometime but thought I would be resistance to it. So I first went along to Ignazio yoga & meditation sessions to get myself in a calmer place. Pretty much after my second session of yoga & meditation I was already in a much calmer happier place due to Ignazio calming influence so I decided to go a head with the QHHT.

QHHT is powerful and I could not think of anyone better to make you feel safe & secure on this journey but Ignazio he truly is one of the most calming beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet & I feel so lucky & privileged to be on this journey with him. 

After my session I felt alive full of energy like a whole world had been lifted, blockages had been removed, areas have been healed & questions had been answered. The whole experience was amazing absolutely out of this world. Almost impossible to describe to those who have not tried it, of which I would highly recommend.
Many thanks  Ignazio"

Lorraine Fraser, July 2019

   "Working with Ignazio through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique and his meditation sessions has proved to be invaluable on my path of spiritual evolution.
I was drawn to the QHHT technique as I was at a crossroads in my life. Ignazio provides a space of such calm and non judgement that I felt completely at ease sharing about my life and being led into hypnosis.
The hypnosis itself revealed some things that surprised me as well as things that I already knew deep within. Most importantly it has given me greater clarity about who I am and the way forward in living as my fullest expression.
Things are starting to shift in life and I know that it's in part due to the work I have done with Ignazio."

Corinne, July 2019

  " The most important experience i had in my life.
Ignazio is the right person to take you on this beautiful journey within you. I highly recommend to anyone .
I alo spent a couple of days with Ignazio having some session of yoga and meditation before having my quantum healing experience. It was the best thing i could have done."
Fabio Petrucci, June 2019

   "Was a great experience working with Ignazio for QHHT. I felt well supported and guided through the whole experience which Ignazio explained in detail before and during the session. Was really interesting to see the results and realise that more and more people are awakening. Feeling better already."

Sharon Mason, May 2019

   "I was keen to try out QHHT having read about it on the internet. When looking for an accredited practitioner I was hoping to find someone near to where I live, however, I was instinctively drawn to Ignazio. I am glad I followed my instincts. Ignazio has been highly professional at every step in process and very supportive, including getting in touch after the session to find out how it had affected me. 

The hypnosis itself was an interesting journey. Initially I was so keen for a successful outcome that I may have created a block, however, Ignazio persevered and skilfully took me deeper until he was able to access my higher self. I have now listened to the recording of the session twice, which is the recommended minimum. I definitely found the second time more powerful and will be listening again to get the full benefit of the messages sent by my higher self.

All in all a great experience that I would be happy to recommend to anyone keen to gain self knowledge and change the course of their life path.

Many thanks to you Ignazio. "

Peter Philips, May 2019

   "I initially connected with Ignazio to enrol in his Deep Meditation Course then to my delight, whilst in conversation, discovered he is a QHHT practitioner! I immediately booked a session with him and began sending messages to my higher self asking for guidance. 

On the day of the session I was welcomed warmly by Ignazio, who has a calm and gentle nature, and I sensed immediately that I was in safe hands.  Ignazio navigated the session intuitively with understanding, consideration and compassion.  

The whole experience has been very powerful and positive and has given me a much deeper understanding and insight into my souls journey, enabling me to release negative narrative around certain areas of my life, which was holding me back from moving forward in a more powerful way.  

I feel so much more connected since the session and generally more balanced, peaceful and intuitively more aware of the energy of the greater universe.

As a QHHT practitioner Ignazio offers a safe space, skills and technique to explore with freedom any possibilities and/or any potential obstacles and barriers which may be holding you back whilst offering gentle guidance and support.  

I would highly recommend Ignazio and am very much looking forward to a follow up session with him."
Rachael , May 2019

   "I had QHHT and the amount of clarity I have in my life is amazing. I feel clear, focused and happy beyond belief. I have done many therapies but nothing as deep reaching as this. I would highly recommend."
Annabelle, March 2019

See Annabelle's full Blog on her experience! 

   "After a 18 months of some tough life events I was feeling sad and uncertain, I felt I was lacking confidence in my ability to handle even the on-going day to day.  I began attended Ignazio’s meditation course to help, and it has helped me. Then I also found he did one-to-one hypnosis sessions too. After doing a little preparatory work we had a 5 hour session which was relaxed and easy and left me feeling much happier and relieved immediately, and this feeling has continued for the two weeks since the session. Ignazio has been friendly, kind, considerate and most importantly effective throughout." 

Gary , December 2018

   "  Wow! A week after my session of QHHT with Ignazio, I am still amazed by the experience and all that I have learnt in those few hours. It’s hard to describe how much it has helped me, and still is… the realisations keep on coming to me, every day I feel that I am getting better mentally and physically. I think this experience might have changed my life for the better, forever. 

As a QHHT practitioner, Ignazio was really perfect. I felt very nervous prior to our appointment , but as soon as I met Ignazio he made me feel at ease and safe all the way. He was extremely patient and understanding. The way he applies this technique is very soft and makes you feel comfortable and ready to face whatever might come up. He was also very pertinent in his understanding of my situation. I cannot thank him enough for his help. I would happily recommend Ignazio to whoever wishes to try this therapy. He is a lovely man and a truly great QHHT practitioner. "


   "A powerfully insightful experience of self-discovery, held and guided most beautifully, safely and intuitively by Ignazio"


   'I found the QHHT session with Ignazio to be extremely powerful.   I felt very safe and supported by him to go deep in to the process which was important for me.  I felt intense and deep healing on many levels and had true insight into questions and struggles I was having.  Listening back to the recording afterwards has helped me to remember the power of the session and to step back and look at the bigger picture and trust my journey.  Thank you Ignazio.


"I have just had my second QHHT session with Ignazio, and I have to say that yet again I am stopped in my tracks - it was nothing short of amazing, revealing. What Ignazio has been able to do for me through this gentle process is to provide a deep connection to my higher self, to understand my life circumstances and get clarity on some important personal questions. In using QHHT to reveal chapters of my life that I had either forgotten or never even knew existed, Ignazio has helped me to expand my consciousness greatly, and find compassion and understanding for challenges along my path. Ignazio I give you my heartfelt thanks for making these insights possible, I don't think I will be viewing my life through the same tiny lens ever again!". For anyone reading this review... If you are a seeker of truth, or you have spiritual life questions you just never received answers to, then I recommend getting in touch with Ignazio to find out more about QHHT, it will be time well invested"


"I would like to say Quantum Healing Hypnosis was an amazing experience.  

If your thinking about having it done just do it, you will be totally amazed at what comes out of you & very grateful to yourself that you did. 


I felt totally at ease & was totally amazed at what journey I had been given to really open my awareness & shown me the "Light" of "Life" & surrender to what was & Let It Go!! 

I am so happy inside & keep listening to the recording. I feel so different. "

It is the best form of healing therapy your ever need. 


Thank you so much Ignazio for your guidance  & supporting energy 

Forever grateful ”


"Hi Ignazio,
I just wanted to send the greatest thanks for such an amazing and uplifting session on Sunday- I came away feeling so peaceful and positive, and after listening to the recording through again last night, I feel like I have made some really important connections with your help! Thank you so much for all your time and letting me experience the QHHT, it was fantastic!!!"


"I attended a session of QHHT with Ignazio Dentici.
His professional and gentle approach helped me identify questions about my life.
The process gave me very positive answers.
That knowledge has now given me inner strength to tackle the future."


"I had a very good experience on Sunday and one I would gladly do again! thank you for the experience and for guiding me through it."


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