QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

" The body is a miraculous machine, that has been created to take care of itself and heal itself, if we don't interfere" Dolores Cannon

What is QHHT ?

Who is QHHT hypnosis for?

QHHT is a cutting edge form of hypnosis, which deals with and has a high potential of solving multiple ares of ones's life. 
Sessions can last as long as 7 hours and we always set aside at least 5. Ignazio, your guide in this life changing experience,  is a qualified Level 2 practitioner. 

QHHT can help in the following areas. 

Life direction

Life purpose

Lifestyle changes


Personal growth



Work and Career

Talents and creativity

Important Decisions

Public speaking


Trauma Healing

Phobias & Fears

Panic attacks



Insomnia and sleep disorders



Chronic diseases

Digestion and stomach problems

Energy levels


Allergies and Intolerances


Eating disorders

Cancer support

What is QHHT?

QHHT , Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is  one of the most profound and life changing experience you are likely to have. It was this way for me, and it is so for most people that undergo this inner journey. 

Sessions are conducted in a very professional, kind and loving manner, supporting fully the client during all stages. 

The hypnosis session (most of the time you only need 1 session, however you may desire to have further sessions after some months or years have passed) is based on you preparing the list of the most important 15 questions in your life. 

Anything you want to understand, improve, transform, heal.

The entire session is focused on you finding out those answers in order to both understand and change your life in a direction that is balanced, consistent with your potential and aspirations, and mostly so that you can live happy, in harmony and develop your fullest potential.

More about QHHT

QHHT , Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, is about conducting the client into the deepest state of hypnosis, the Somnambulistic state, in which the person can access the deeper and wiser parts of the Subconscious. 

The QHHT technique is extremely focused on making sure anything that is seen or learnt by the client during the session can be understood and integrated safely and in the most effective and balanced way. 

The approach the QHHT takes is to have the client prepare a list of Questions. These can address any aspect in life, from family to relationships, from health to habits and behaviour, as well as potential, life purpose, healing and spirituality.

This sets the scene for the session, gives the client a chance to focus on what they really want from the session, as well as subconsciously preparing the mind to " fire up" all the information, answers and healing that is appropriate.

QHHT is often a life changing experience, and most definitely a main milestone in one's life.


This is very different from the traditional hypnosis practices, where the therapist brings the client into a state in which he/she suggests to the lower Subconscious new ways of thinking/behaving.

In our case, we go to the source of all knowledge within, and the suggestions are discovered and facilitated to bubble up from the persons's "Self" or Higher-Self. This means that they are as suitable and as personalised as possible for the person undergoing the hypnosis session, because the Higher Self present within the Subconscious knows absolutely everything about the person, about their life and their souls's journey. 


In the first phase of the Hypnosis session, the Subconscious shows the person images, memories, visions that hold a high priority message for the person to receive. These are explored in great detail and often hold the key to understanding the most important and pressing aspects of one's life in that moment. 

Often in the first stage of the hypnosis session, the images and stories that the Subconscious shows the client are in the form of past lives memories. This does not happen to everybody, but to most. Weather or not one believes in past lives, there is an undeniable correlation between the symbolic meaning held and disclosed within these life stories visions and the healing that occurs in an individual because of the new awareness gifted by the visions. 

Furthermore, once the visions and memories have been received, an even deeper state is achieved and contact with the Higher Self is then established. This is the peculiarity of QHHT, which makes it one of the best techniques within the realm of regression and/or past life regression therapy. In fact, it is more than that.


The QHHT practitioner then asks the Higher Self the questions that the client has prepared . These can include anything, and are often related to healing, relationships, life direction, life purpose, personal and spiritual insights and many more.

The Higher Self is not an easy thing to define, but the easiest way to put it is that it is the "super-intelligence" that coordinates life from within. In a way, you could call it Subconscious, because we are almost always not aware of it during our "conscious" life, however it is not the lower subconscious made of habits and automatic behaviours, it is the part within us that actually creates and guides all of our mind/body functions. It knows. We know.

In that level of depth, the client knows everything  there is to know about any information that is held within. Any physical ailment that has a root in the mind can be understood and the key to healing found. 
Today more and more studies are showing that so many ailments are rooted in the mind, which in turn determines lifestyle, habits and behaviour. 

More in depth info about QHHT, the role of past life regression and potential for healing can be found here:

Further information about QHHT

QHHT sessions with Ignazio Dentici

Ignazio, a qualified  level 2 QHHT practitioner, who has trained under the guidance of Julia Cannon, Dolores Cannon's daughter who is carrying forward the legacy of QHHT.  


Sessions are delivered in the most professional, confidential and compassionate way, and are carried out in Ignazio's office, the Templewood Cabin, adjacent the beautiful Bradenham Woods in Walters Ash (High Wycombe), in Buckinghamshire.

Exceptionally, some sessions can also be held at a client's home or location, should the client  have any problems reaching the Templewood Cabin. 

Furthermore, Ignazio is bilingual, and also offers QHHT sessions in Italian for client's whose first and main language is Italian

QHHT sessions structure 


QHHT sessions are profound, and need time, so we are putting aside at least 5 hours.


The client brings with them a list of questions, about anything they want to understand, remember, overcome, improve, heal.


The session is divided into 3 sections :


1) Life Story and Questions

The session starts with the practitioner leading the client through an overview of their life, discussing how the questions fit within the big picture and within the now of the client's life.


2) Hypnosis (this lasts about 2 hours)

Now the hypnosis session can start, and the client , while lying comfortably in a bed, is induced into a deep state of consciousness, and regresses into either past lives, or anything the Higher Self knows is best for the client to see. Then, when the visions or memories have been explored, the client is then conducted a deeper level, where the Higher Self reached. In this state the client has access to all the answers to their question, and the practitioner asks the questions to the Higher self on behalf of the client. In this stage, any healing which is possible, can occur.


3) Debrief & recording

Once the hypnosis session comes to an end, the client wakes up and the practitioner discusses the main points from the session. Memory of the session can vary from little to remembering almost everything.


The client does receive an audio recording of the hypnosis session and listens to it at home, several times in the days following the session.

This increases the effect of the hypnosis and delivers incredible insights to the client about the answers and healing received, as well as connecting them again to their higher self. This is an important part of the therapy

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