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Ignazio, blending Ancient Wisdom with modern Spiritual Sciences


From Palermo to London, via Chicago

Ignazio, founder of  Human Spiritual Evolution, has found his home here in England, High Wycombe,  being born in Italy in 1978.


​Ignazio was raised speaking both English and Italian, and in fact graduated high school both in Chicago, USA (1996) and Palermo, Italy (1997). Pursuing his love for Science, he then proceeded to attain a Masters in Chemical Engineering (2006).

A spiritual awakening

In 2002, during his University studies, Ignazio spent a month in Nungua village, , Ghana for intensive training in West African Music and  Traditions, with the amazing Kusun Ensamble, locally and internationally acclaimed group. It was during that period that he experienced a powerful spiritual awakening that would change his life forever...

Ignazio started spontaneously spending several hours per day in meditation. This soon led him to research, find and explore many spiritual schools, practices, and techniques both in the West and in the East,  propelling him into a journey towards the  mastery of some of the most effective and powerful Meditative and Spiritual practices in the World.  

About Ignazio's work

Now  20 years later, Ignazio lives outside London and is completely in love with his wife Ursula and daughter Jada.

He is a qualified Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner,  which is the highest in QHHT. He is also  a qualified Meditation Teacher, certified by the MPA Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge School , a recognised AYP Advanced Yoga Practices teacher and a Spiritual Mentor, supporting the process of Spiritual Awakening of true seekers who comes his way.
Ignazio also works as a translator for Down Dog app, having translated and voice actor having recorded thousands of hours of Yoga and Meditation practices.
His passion for meditation has even led him to the teaching of Meditation in Virtual Reality. He is now part of the EvolVR-TRIPP community, and is one of the meditation leaders , holding classes and course in amazing virtual spaces. 

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