Fast track your Spiritual Journey

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A spiritual mentor empowering you for Life

Human Spiritual Revolution's founder, Ignazio, is a certified Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge guide and teacher as well as a trained level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner.

He has also been trained within the corporate environment in Coaching and Mentoring, and is a Scientist specialised in Innovation and Technologies as well as the science of meditation.


Ignazio offers private spiritual mentoring programs and guidance on line (via Zoom or Skype) and in his Templewood Cabin, for those who are more local to the High Wycombe area.

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Your Spiritual Mentoring program


Ignazio loves to work in the  most effective, tailor made and empowering intuitive way.

When working together, you may chose from different standard programs that form the basis for your personalised program.

You can choose to work together for 4, 8 or 12 sessions.

These are the following topics that can be covered, to different degrees depending on what we agree together.

Each Program will empower you with a personalised blend of some selected, or all of the following subjects

A truly transformational program.

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Multiple methods and techniques including the most profound: Deep Meditation.

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Past lives

Discovery and integration of multiple past lives, healing death traumas and interpreting the lessons to learn in order to engage with them in a positive way. 

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Spiritual Yoga

Practices for Enlightement. Postures, Breathing and Meditation. Mostly based on AYP, Advanced Yoga Practices.

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Little MEs

Discover and integrate in a loving and friendly manner all aspects of yours-Self. These aspects can be seen as sub personalities, inner guides, past-life characters and many more .... Every part of you holds a secret !

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Managing powerfull awakenings, balancing Kundalini thourgh life styles, Advanced Yogic practices in Kundalini Cultivation and Healthy integrations.

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Accessing deep alternative states of consciousness in which to channel and express one's own Higher Truths, via speaking, writing or any other artistic or professional self expression.

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Higher Dimensions of Light

Rediscover and connect with the Inner Realms of Light within Higher dimensions of your multidimensional Self

​I’ve attended Ignazio’s workshops and had a few 1-2-1 sessions in the last few months. Ignazio is really patient, really listens and adapts how he leads the 1-2-1 sessions each time. I’m enjoying learning from him immensely, but most of all, I come away amazed at how much he tries to simplify complex ideas and take my random thoughts and really help fit the jigsaw pieces together. Things I’ve always felt and questioned but could never validate. 

In the workshops, Ignazio relays his personal experiences with humour, humbleness and wholehearted honesty.  I feel very encouraged to keep learning, meditating and delve deeper into hypnosis with his guidance.

For anyone exploring their spiritual path, at whatever stage you may be, I could not recommend a better mentor than Ignazio.


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Location : Templewood Cabin

Templewood cabin is set adjacent to the beautiful Bradenham Woods, in the countryside of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


Sessions are held in the cosy cabin, or in the beautiful surrounding nature of the woods and fields around, when agreed and usually in the Spring and Summer time.