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Learn and Master the most Advanced Spiritual Practices. Find Bliss and shine your Light around you! 

Human Spiritual Evolution
1-1 Spiritual Mentoring 
A 3 or 4 months custom made, life changing program

Hello! Welcome to my Spiritual Mentoring Page.

My name is Ignazio, and my mission is to help people who are passionate about their Spiritual Development to Understand and Confidently accelerate and navigate their Spiritual Journey.

We are all on our own journey of self discovery, self expression and awakening. We are all different.
Yet, we often face very similar challenges.

When someone enters the phase of Spiritual Awakening,  there are many things that happen.
While there is a sense of wonder, and awe about this new, mysterious, majestic dimension we also start to notice the chaos within.


The Goals of the Mentoring Programs are :

1. Gain a clear perspective on what Your Spiritual Awakening is, and what it is not.
    Provide you with a map that identifies where you are, where you are going, and how to get there.

 2.  Move past blocks, heal traumas and solve problems that are in the way of your  spiritual development, while empowering you with the tools to identify these and work on them 

 3. Identify, learn, practice and master the most effective meditative and spiritual practice, understanding the relationship between these and creatively and intuitevly shifting and adapting their practice suistaiably for the long term

4. Support you in finding the answers to any questions you might have about your Spiritual Development. 

How does the Mentoring Program work?
What's included?

3 or 4 Month Mentorship Program

 1) 1 x 30 minutes Mentorship Discovery call

 2) 2 x 90 minute 1-1 session / month ( on-line or in person)

 3) ongoing personal support via WhatsApp and via e-mail as required, on a reasonable basis

  4) Access to Training material that supports your learning and practice

Schedule a Free Mentorship Discovery call

During the call:

  • Share your journey with Ignazio

  • Receive some guidance

  • Learn about the Mentorship program and its customization for you

  • Ask Questions and receive all the information you need to decide if the mentorship program works for you.

  • NO Pressure to book your session during or after the call 


While some of the material in the Mentorship constitutes a core of teachings, some areas can be covered from the following topics

  • Deep Meditation

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Breathing Techniques

  • The Subconscious

  • Dreams

  • Entering the Akasha

  • Yoga Asanas  -postures

  • Asking and Receiving Visions

  • Spirit Guides

  • Metaphysics

  • Taoist practices

  • Non duality

  • Healing Childhood trauma

  • Past Life work

  • Healing

  • Affirmations and Fundamental

  • Inner Dialogues

  • Subpersonalities

  • ESP

  • Gifts 

  • Light Beings

  • Kundalini awakening and management practices

Some of the challenges I support my clients with are:

Identity Crisis - Before entering the phase of Spiritual Awakening we limit ourselves by labels and definitions. Although this brings pain, there is certainty. When we start to go through our Spiritual Awakening, many of our rigid ideas crumble, including the narrow definitions of who we thought we were. This opens us up to change, and possibilities, but it can feel scary, as we don't quite understand who we are becoming.   

The mentoring program will help understand this, and thrive through the changes.

-Blockages and Traumas surface - While these are always with us, if undealt with, the process of Spiritual Awakening stirs things up, brings them to the surface. So now they become more disruptive, confusing and urgent. 

The mentoring program will help you identify, release and heal.

-Misunderstood Gifts and Talents surface - These have also always been with us. And while a gift is a gift, when it is not understood, it can feel like a curse. 

The mentoring program will help you identify these gifts and direct you to grow them and put them to the best use.


-Confusion on what is happening - Spiritual Awakening is a complex process, and very misunderstood. Finding ourselves in it can feel like being dropped in the middle of nowhere without a map.

The mentoring program will help you understand what is happening, where you are, where you are going, and how to get there while loving the process!


-Confusion on what practices to undertake - We have moved from no information available about Meditation and Spirituality, to an almost endless availability of guided meditations, apps, videos etc.. 
Where to start, which one to use? What is for what? 

Through the mentoring program you will gain an understanding of all of the different types of meditation , what are core practices, what are auxiliary practices, and how to tie everything together into your path.

- Integration of Practices into everyday life - How do practices fit in your life ? How much is enough ? 

The mentoring program is designed to support your integration of these practices in your Life, so that they bare fruit. While understanding is very useful, it is not enough. Practice, effective practice is the key. 

Also, some people might also experience :

-Kundalini Awakening - Not everyone goes through a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. 
Not everyone that goes through it, knows that they are going through it!

Kundalini is an energy that when awakened, has the potential to alter perception of reality and produce alternate states of consciousness. 
It can be quite disruptive if mishandled, leading to

- strong unpleasant sensations of internal pressure

-unpleasant  hot and cold

-nervous tics and body spasms

-misunderstood extra sensorial perceptions 


- Burning sensations

If appropriate for you, This mentoring program can help you understand and safely manage Kundalini Energy, as well as support you in the safe awakening of it, should you choose. All would be well explained by Ignazio.

7) Visions and perception of other dimensions - Another gift that can spontaneously arise from either a spontaneous awakening or via some practices, and it can again cause psychological and emotional unbalance when misunderstood. 

The mentoring program will help you understand visions and messages from your Subconscious and these other dimensions should you be going through them, but als teach you how to work with and get benefit from visions. 

Schedule a Free Mentorship Discovery call

What do people say about Human Spiritual Evolution Mentorship Programs 


"Having spent around a year practising meditation irregularly without any guidance or direction, I came across Ignazio and began doing spiritual mentoring sessions with him which quickly cemented meditation as a core part of my life.

At the end of our first session, I was amazed to find how profoundly my mental state was changed after a short guided meditation - and that was just the beginning! The way I felt after that first experience swiftly became something to look forward to on a daily basis as I became confident in the technique and I soon began to notice the change in my life outside of meditation.

Over the past few months, I have learned a range of techniques, all of which have been extremely effective, as well as having expanded my perception of what a human being can do, experience and be.

I cannot understate the profound changes which can occur from daily spiritual practice and I cannot understate how proficient Ignazio is as a teacher - with more than enough knowledge and experience to answer any question you may have. His presence and demeanour immediately put you at ease and he has no intentions of putting ideas in your head, always offering a perspective and allowing you to come to your own conclusions.

Even after just a few months of spiritual mentoring, my sense of peace and wellbeing has increased drastically and reaching my full potential seems much more like a possibility than a fantasy.

Ultimately, realising your potential is something that only you can work towards and I can't think of a better place to start!"

Louise QHHT testimonial website pic.jpeg

"I had been looking into this for many years but no one ever stood out for me, but then I heard about Ignazio through someone else and I knew this was the right time and I was ready to go.

I had the most amazing QHHT session in which I learned so much about my past lives and my present life, it was emotional in parts and so rewarding, I came away with a sense or direction in what I need to do now for my own personal healing, health and spiritual development and with an understanding of why certain things have happened.

Ignazio is extremely down to earth, calm, and a great listener who then takes you forward with the whatever help you need. .

It has benefited me so much that I am having meditation session with him and my life is changing for the better because of this. I am calmer, worry less and I'm beginning to use and trust my intuition a lot more "                                                                                                                                                                 Louise


I’ve attended Ignazio’s workshops and had a few 1-2-1 sessions in the last few months. Ignazio is really patient, really listens and adapts how he leads the 1-2-1 sessions each time. I’m enjoying learning from him immensely, but most of all, I come away amazed at how much he tries to simplify complex ideas and take my random thoughts and really help fit the jigsaw pieces together. Things I’ve always felt and questioned but could never validate. In the workshops, Ignazio relays his personal experiences with humour, humbleness and wholehearted honesty.  I feel very encouraged to keep learning, meditating and delve deeper into hypnosis with his guidance. For anyone exploring their spiritual path, at whatever stage you may be, I could not recommend a better mentor than Ignazio.

Location for in person sessions: Templewood Cabin

Templewood cabin is set adjacent to the beautiful Bradenham Woods, in the countryside of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


In person sessions are held in the cosy cabin, or in the beautiful surrounding nature of the woods and fields around, when agreed and usually in the Spring and Summer time.

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