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" Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self" Rumi

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?


Yoga is many things.  The root of the word comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and it means union. It is a process through which our awareness is driven from the surface, from the more external layers of our perception and being, to the deepest essence of life which resides within- The Centre.


Why should anyone practice Yoga?


When we start to look within, we notice that all our activities are driven by the search for happiness. Often, however, this search is related to the obtainment of external objects. Yoga teaches us that fulfilment through these external attainments is partial, while the happiness we find and grow through connecting our awareness to the centre of our being is complete and unshakable.

Where is our "Centre" and what is it?


Our centre is Mystery. It is what is called Spirit in many traditions.
The door to this Centre is Inner Silence. Yoga, in it’s purest form is a pursuit of this Inner Silence. Once we move our awareness from “the banks of internal movement and noise to the banks of Silence”, we have entered the Spiritual dimension. That is where all techniques and teachings end, and where the spontaneous and automatic journey begins.

AYP - Advanced Yoga Practices

What is AYP?


AYP is an open and integrated system of advanced yoga practices  which takes a safe, efficient and modular approach to the practice of Yoga for enlightenment.

The core is Deep Mediation, supported by advanced breathing techniques (pranayamas) such as Spinal Breathing and other advanced practices such as Samayama, to cultivate what is called stillness in action.


What is different from other forms of Yoga?


Many (not all!) Yoga schools/classes have either lost the final stages of practice – withdraw from senses, concentration, meditation, Samadhi - which are outlined in the Yoga Sutras (the bible of Yoga) or are accessible after many years of practice, leaving the practitioner for years without the “complete picture”.

AYP classes condense these practices into a single session.


The path becomes clear sooner, and the journey is one of expansion and depth, and not one of waiting to be ready for the “last pieces of the puzzle”.

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