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Yoga, The Spiritual Side

Mind, body and spirit come together in our advanced spiritual yoga sessions

What is yoga?

Yoga is many things. The root of the word comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and it means union. With the guidance of a yoga specialist, it is a process through which our awareness is driven from the surface, from the more external layers of our perception, to the deepest essence of life which resides within — The Centre of our Being.

What is AYP?

At Human Spiritual Evolution, we practice and share mainly  Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) .
AYP is an open and integrated system of yoga practices that takes a safe, efficient and modular approach to the practice of yoga for enlightenment.

The core is Deep Meditation, supported by advanced breathing techniques (pranayamas) such as spinal breathing and other practices, like Samayama, to cultivate 'stillness in action'.

Get in touch to find out about current classes, workshops or for private tuition.

Class structure

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