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At Human Spiritual Evolution, we help you understand, navigate and accelerate your spiritual journey. Whether it is through professionally led QHHT hypnosis session, a personalised mentoring programme or some of the regular meditation classes, retreats and other events,  you can find the guidance you need.

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QHHT Hypnosis

An innovative technique for connecting with your inner self

Spiritual Mentoring

Personalised spiritual development programmes


Discover your inner peace


Mind, body and spirit come together in advanced yoga practices sessions

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Find empowering Spiritual Guidance

At Human Spiritual Evolution, we help you with your human journey into enlightenment. From QHHT hypnosis, to meditation and spiritual yoga, Ignazio will guide you and empower you to boldly pursue your path.

You will find out more about how to deeply connect to the higher self and find all the answers to life's questions through the cutting-edge hypnosis technique called QHHT.

On our website, you will also find extensive information about Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge, Advanced Yoga Practices, as well as our classes and events.

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When the student is ready the teacher appears" Lao Tzu. My intuition lead me to experience a QHHT and thus I found Ignazio. The moment I had a phone consultation with Ignazio, there was no doubt in me that he was the right guide for me. Ignazio is one of the most balanced people I've ever met, he is very calm and grounded but at the same time highly wise and knowledgeable even when silent. I trusted Ignazio with my life story and he is an astounding listener. Ignazio gently guided me through an amazing experience under hypnosis. Now, when I am listening to the recording he made, I can't believe how much insight the QHHT experience brought into to my life. I am beyond grateful to Ignazio for his gift that he brings to the world, and I genuinely believe that a lot of people would benefit from his spiritual service. Thank you Ignazio and see you again!

Anamaria Perescu

October 2021

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Master Your Breath - How to Nourish & Cultivate Your Energy Body

An ancient Taoist practice, this guided meditation is based on managing the breath to be slow and deep. It then focuses on the major energy reservoirs in the body and on clearing the connecting channels between them and between some major organs and energy centres. Read more about this FREE available guided meditation here, and sign up below to receive the full access. 

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