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Master the Art of Meditation

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Meditation: A Practice for Balance and Harmony

"Meditation is a beautiful thing.
It is also many things.
It is a state of consciousness..
It is a practice.
It is a way of Life.

Actually, it is a multiple of each of those things.
It is a range of alternate states of consciousness, a wide range of practices and can lead to many beautiful ways of Life.

First we find our practice, then we experience the blissful states of consciousness it gifts us with, then it becomes part of our Life. And sometimes not exactly in this order, as Real Life is not linear.

Meditation is nurturing for the whole Being.
It is the door we have been looking for since the dawn of civilization that can connect us with the Mystery of our true Nature.

When you hear Meditation calling you, answer the call.
It’s a call from your Spirit calling you HOME."


MPA: An innovative, enlightening approach to Meditation and Human Development

Deep Meditation and Self Knowledge (MPA) is a spiritual path that leads to Harmony and Inner Peace.  
We are proud to teach the fantastic techniques that make up this method here at Human Spiritual Evolution.

The Practice of this type of Meditation, also leads to the the intuition of who we really through Deep Meditation, a state in which our whole being is relaxed, in silence and in peace.

In order to achieve such a state, and be blessed with the discovery of who we are, behind and beyond our daily masks, we need to undertake a voyage into ourselves, learn about our body, mind and spirit and through self-awareness harmoniously integrate them.
This in turn leads to "Becoming our True Self" 

In conjunction with the Deep Meditation techniques , practitioners are lead and thought exercises and practices that enable them to know themselves, understand their mind and emotions, and bring harmony in order to gain a better , more balanced and bright perception of themselves and the world.  


"When the student is ready the teacher appears" Lao Tzu. My intuition lead me to experience a QHHT and thus I found Ignazio. The moment I had a phone consultation with Ignazio, there was no doubt in me that he was the right guide for me. Ignazio is one of the most balanced people I've ever met, he is very calm and grounded but at the same time highly wise and knowledgeable even when silent. I trusted Ignazio with my life story and he is an astounding listener. Ignazio gently guided me through an amazing experience..." 




" Dear Ig 
I wanted to share some things and say thank you for the wonderful amazing retreat day. 

Today I walked down the street and it was like I had access to a new dimension in the way I looked at everything on my way - the bushes were standing out more, the green had multiple Dimensions - the planet has always been beautiful but now it is truly vibrating !

I felt like I was levitating along the path!

I feel connected to the things I’m seeing in a different way. Is that possible ?

I also feel totally at ease and in acceptance of difficult emotions lately but especially today.  They seem to be dissolving into insignificance! "




I went to Ignazio having being treated for PTSD.  I was better but I was still struggling with bumps in the road.  I have only been working with Ignazio for a short while but already I am reaping the benefits. Ignazio has put things into perspective and has helped me to stop engaging so deeply with the bad emotions that were making my life difficult. I personally think that meditation is a brilliant way to resolve issues within yourself and your life. For me it works because I don't particularly want to tell my "sob story" and with Ignazio you don't have to. He simply gives you the tools to allow you to work on yourself. He is kind, calm and compassionate. He has a vast experience with meditation and explains the concepts very well. His reassurance has allowed me to relax into this journey with confidence and as I become more in touch with what is right for me the better I feel. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ignazio to anyone."


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