Master the Art of Meditation

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A caring, experienced meditation leader

Meditation can be a technique, but also a state of consciousness. Techniques can be taught and learned, while the inner state of meditation is a state of mind/consciousness that blossoms within a human being, either because of repeated practice of meditation techniques or because of a spontaneous inner all-around maturity of the individual arises. 

At Human Spirit Evolution, Ignazio will guide your Meditation voyage both as a beginner, or an advanced practitioner looking to refine the Art of Meditation.

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MPA: An innovative, enlightening approach to Meditation and Spiritual Development

Deep Meditation and Self Knowledge (MPA) is a spiritual path that leads to the discovery of our most intimate centre of being. We are proud to teach this fantastic technique at Human Spiritual Evolution.

This intuition of who we really are is achieved through Deep Meditation, a state in which our whole being is relaxed, in silence and in peace.

In order to achieve such a state, and be blessed with the discovery of who we really are, behind and beyond our daily masks, we need to undertake a voyage into ourselves, learn about our body, mind and spirit and through self-awareness harmoniously integrate them.

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A series of spiritually enriching weekly guided meditation classes

This weekly class is designed to to support participants with the practice of mediation as well as progressing at a faster pace in personal and spiritual development.


Each session will be comprised of 2 meditation sessions as well as guidance/teachings on meditation and a space for group sharing and questions.


Sessions are held every Monday evenings, 8:30 pm to 9:45 pm London time via Zoom.

Register to participate in our next Monday class here.

To participate, at 8:25pm London time, ensuring have installed Zoom on your phone or PC, click on the link below and connect via video to join our Advanced Meditation Practice Class.

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Suggested Session Costs

Cost : Suggested Donation £8. Please feel free to leave less if appropriate for you.


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