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" I saw further than others because I stood on the shoulders of giants" Isaac Newton

What is Meditation?

The word Meditation means many things to many people. In a way, everybody thinks about a sense of calmness, of inner peace. 

Meditation can be a technique, but also a state of consciousness. Techniques can be taught and learnt, while the inner state of meditation is a state of mind/consciousness that blossoms within a human being, either because of repeated practice of meditation techniques, or because of a spontaneous inner all around maturity of the individual arises. The same way a flower blossoms if all conditions are right, and when the time is right, so does the state of meditation. 

Although is some rare cases, nature runs its miracles and individuals spontaneously enter states of meditation in their life, either occasionally or regularly, by just sitting and doing "their own enlightened thing", and although each personal's path to enlightenment and self-realization is different, it is way more effective to learn and master practices that are tried and tested, before taking the necessary leap to complete inner guidance and  self-reliance.



The MPA school approach

Deep Meditation and Self Knowledge (MPA) is a spiritual path that leads to the discovery of our most intimate centre of being.
This intuition, of who we really are, is achieved through Deep Meditation, a state in which our whole being is relaxed, in silence and in peace.

In order to achieve such a state, and be blessed with the discovery of who we really are, behind and beyond our daily masks, we need to undertake a voyage into ourselves, learn about our body, mind and spirit and through self-awareness harmoniously integrate them.

Deep Meditation & Self Knowledge proposes a series of exercises based on modern psychology and ancient spiritual traditions that aid in this process.

MPA, from the Italian Meditazione Profonda e Autoconoscienza (literally Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge), is a school/ technique that has been taught in Italy for almost half of century.

It combines the most effective ground preparation work of understanding, clearing and harmonizing our inner life in order to receive the most benefit from the practice of the Deep Meditation Technique.

The techniques can be learnt through live courses, both residential retreats and non residential 6 week ( 6 x 3 hours sessions)courses.



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