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Entering Bliss - Deep Meditation Day Retreat - (December 10th, Saturday)

Date & Time

Saturday 10th December, 2022 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ( 6 hours)


The cost of the day retreat is of £79.

Booking & Payment

Click on the button below to register and book your place

Make the payment by following instructions on the booking form for bank transfer, or via PayPal by clicking on the button below

Event description

Under the superficial noise of the body, of the emotions, and of the mind, lies a profound and silent depth, that radiates Bliss from within.

This day retreat is designed to gradually lead the participant, and the group, into deeper and deeper states of quiet , peaceful and rich Silent peace.

We will do this through a series of 5 sitting meditations, (guidance and instructions will be given). We will also prepare for each meditation with simple, gentle yet powerful physical movements aligned with the breath.

This will loosen the body up and the breath, fill us with energy to enhance each Deep Meditation.


This day is suitable for anyone that feels called and ready for a day of deep, profound and sustained practice. Prior experience in meditation can be of help. About the Meditation :

The practice of Meditation, for the purpose of this retreat, will be that of entering deeper and deeper states of consciousness and inner silent awareness.

Practices and techniques used in this day retreat are taken from : -Zen -MPA - Deep Meditation & Self-Knowledge school -AYP - Advanced Yoga Practices

About Qi Gong An ancient Chinese art that includes body movement and breathing that leads to the accumulation and balancing of Qi - also know as Life Force.

Our guest teacher EMMA from Dragonfly Qigong will be guiding our body and breath in between meditations, to help is loosen up, fill with energy and be able to fly deep within our magical inner lands of Silence.

Clothing and other logistics

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Also bring -some cosy warm blankets

- a comfortable pillow

-a yoga mat (or similar) - a Notebook

-a water bottle

- a vegan/vegetarian packed lunch


The Wellness Barn - Marlow

About your host, Ignazio

Ignazio Dentici in Meditation at Marlow Meditation retreat
Ignazio Dentici

Ignazio is a Spiritual mentor with 20 years experience in the field of Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge, who has studied under the guidance of many Self-Realised Masters. In 2002 Ignazio went through a powerful Spiritual and Kundalini awakening, and since then he has researched, practiced and mastered Breath and Kundalini awakening techniques from the world of Yoga and beyond. He is also a Level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner ) with hundreds of past life regressions under his belt and in training for his Level 3 status.

Ignazio also works as a Meditation Session Leader for the Virtual Reality app TRIPP , included in the most important inventions of 2022 in Time Magazine, as well as a translator and Guiding Voice for the #1 ranking Yoga app in the world, Down Dog.


About your Qi Gong guest teacher, Emma

Emma practicing Qigong in the woods
Emma Dragonfly Qigong

Emma will be leading our opening Qigong session, and some body movement and breath exercises between meditations. .

Emma began her spiritual journey many years ago, practicing Deep Meditation, Yoga, going on a self discovery and healing journey with QHHT, but found her true calling with the ancient art of Qi Gong, which she has been practicing now for 9 years. She has been studying for her teacher qualification with masters Nick Loffree -BioEnenergtic Health Qigong - & Sifu Master Lee Holden Qigong


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