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Group Regression Workshop


8th January 2022 10:00 am to 1:00 pm ( 3 hours)

Event description

This heart centred and deep workshop aims to support participants into exploring and integrating their multidimensional aspects, remember who they have been, take a glimpse into who they will be, and feel or strengthen the bond with the invisible guidance that has always been by their side.

This workshop is open to all, but not recommended to those going through intense emotional or psychological distress at the time of the workshop. If in doubt please get in touch with Ignazio.

Workshop Structure

  • Welcome and Introduction Talk

  • Priming and developing Inner Senses

  • Group Past Life Regression

  • Group Future Life regression

  • Group Spirit Guides Connection

  • Experience Sharing and Q&A

All will facilitated in a very loving, lucid, relaxed multidimensional yet grounded and professional way.

The workshop is based on the teachings and techniques developed by Dolores Cannon

Clothing and other logistics

Please wear comfortable clothing.

Also bring -some cosy warm blankets

- a comfortable pillow

-a yoga mat (or similar) - a Notebook

-a water bottle


Positivity Centre,

Nashdom Lane

Burnham, Bucks



The cost of the retreat is of £49.


About your host, Ignazio

Ignazio is a Spiritual mentor with 20 years experience in the field of Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge, who has studied under the guidance of many Self-Realised Masters. He is a Level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner ) with hundreds of past life regressions under his belt and in training for his Level 3 status.

About Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon’s career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations. She first discovered reincarnation in the 60s, and over the span of her career refined her own unique method of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®). She considered herself as a Researcher of Lost Knowledge, and explored the past and future timelines of Earth, as well as Life in other dimensions of reality. She has written 19 books based on her findings.

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