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Meditation & Spiritual Development CLASS (on-line)

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

This class is Currently on pause

The practice of Meditation is one of the most powerful and transformational practices we can ever gift ourselves with. This weekly class is designed to to support participants with the practice of mediation as well as progressing at a faster pace in personal and spiritual development.

Each session will be comprised of : 1 guided meditation a talk on a particular topic a safe space for participants to share their insights and to ask questions.

Sessions are held every Monday evenings, 8:30 pm to about 9:45 pm London time via Zoom.


These sessions are suitable for people who already practice meditation.

The cost to join each sessions is £10. However, if you feel you can give less, or would like to donate more, it is your call. Please click on the PayPal button or link below for your payment/donation or please get in touch for an alternative payment method.

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Ignacio has given me two gifts. The first by introducing me to Yoga, and the second meditation. Initially the importance of these practices weren't apparent but as time has gone on they have both become daily practices. He is a patient attentive and compassionate teacher and I truly hope that any person who may read this review will recieve the same gifts as me. Thank you

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