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Connecting to the Stars through Inner Space Exploration

Event description

A weekend workshop experience in which you will be guided into the exploration of your inner cosmos, hosted and guided by Paul and Ignazio.

The weekend will be one of a fun friendly and intimate state of being. this will be a weekend of ease and subtle transition … led with intriguinment joy and mystery... We will be guiding the group through a journey based on a mix of

Guided meditations

Drum Circles and Sound Journeys

Mindfulness movements


Deep Talks

Star gazing and CE-5 type contact protocols

Intuitive/ psychic development circles, and heart-based ceremonies and more

All facilitated in a very lucid, relaxed multidimensional yet grounded way ...

All elements of the weekend will have a high degree of extra-terrestrial influences as its origin... we want and intend for your experience to be out of this world ...

More about the multidimensional aspect and your hosts

Paul is an intuitive healer, channel, musician and the owner of the Positivity Centre, where the CE-11 retreat will take place.

Ignazio is a Meditation teacher, Past life regressionist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, as well as an interdimensional channel and drummer of Traditional West African music.

Both Ignazio and Paul have years of experience, passion and interest in this field, and in being so, both have decided to embark on creating the right space and circumstances in which to support others in their own deep space understandings/ exploration.

Over years, decades, the have developed a very intricate understanding of what it means to be at one with your multidimensional self and why it is of a huge benefit to be so, when one wishes to explore the concept of both Inner and Outer space... for one is a gateway to the other.

Paul and Ignazio are clear channels, with years of channelling experience.

They will be holding channelling sessions in order to share the benefits they receive and so you can too experience a glimpse into the multidimensional realities they wish to help you explore within yourself.

Channelling and Multidimensional experiences

Ignazio will be making a conscious awareness connection with his own multidimensional extra-terrestrial aspects, during which he / they will be presenting advanced information and communication specifically for the required needs of this particular weekend experience.

Paul will also be presenting his own state of intuitive inner communication, but this will be a far more incorporating experience in which all who attend will be participating in the experience ... Paul's gifts are in being able to access ta field of multidimensional energy that is both of his own and that of those around him. Done so as to specifically meet and match the needs of the group consciousness dynamics as to respond with the exact internal needs and requirements of all who are part of the process.

Music and Ritual Ceremonies

Both Paul and Ignazio are very much involved in music, in different ways, and will both be taking you on far different journeys and experiences.

Ignazio is a professional African drummer, who studied immersevly in African villages and with African master drummers. He will be holding drumming circles to allow all the chance to merge in unison to connect in intuitive rhythm to use such rhythm to move harmoniously all in synch into a deep self-induced theta state of deep mind and body relaxation. A fun and joyful way of self-activating the perfect state of being to enable release and introspection to in-fold.

Paul will be holding deep immersive / hypnotic/ sound bath meditations that will induce states of cosmic imaginings and deep celestial relaxation. Sounds that will not only inspire your off-worldly inclinations but are themselves out of this world!

multidimensional frequencies intuitively administered to reach deep into your inter-cellular make up and at one your being into deep space vibrational dimensions ...

Dance. We will be using all the above music plus more ambient beats to purposely allow your body to joyfully and intuitively move into a dimensional space momentum ...

Food – Food is included. We will be serving only the most delicious plant based food for this particular weekend ...

why plant based you ask?

For we want the body to be in the lightest of vibrations as to allow for a deeper richer and more lucid state of experience. Meat is heavy and puts the body into a more dense tired state of being and dairy can greatly decrease positive effects of activities that involve breath and consciousness.

Clothing and other logistics

We will be holding both indoor and outdoor activities (mindful walks, breathwork and sound release that may require you to bring weather / rain proof clothing if need be..)

All in all this will be a deeply enjoyable self-reflective, deeply introspective and life changing inner / outer journey that both Paul and Ignazio are most excited to take you on ...

Are you ready to explore??!!!

To travel the cosmos through the self is a far more accessible vehicle of approach and orientation than any other means of space exploration..” Paul McDonald


Positivity Centre,

Nashdom Lane

Burnham, Bucks



The cost of the retreat is of £199 and includes all activities and meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

Sleeping. Sleeping is not included in the price of the week-end retreat. There is a possibility for a few people to sleep in a shared converted loft with others. Mattresses will be provided, but please bring your own sleeping bag, blankets etc… The cost for this is just a contribution of £10/night.

If you are local, you can sleep at home, and there are a range of B&Bs in the area that you could stay at also. Please get in touch and we can advise, should you need to. We have both on site options and local B&B options available for sleeping requirements.


For more info or booking, please send an a-mail to with the subject line CE-11 Retreat.

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