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Virtual Reality Meditation 6 week course

EVERY SATURDAY FOR 90 MINUTES AT 6PM UK time April 10th - May 15th

This 6 Saturday course will explore & train in the practice of Meditation, Deep Meditation, Energy healing & knowledge of our inner working.

About this Event

Join EvolVR session leader Ignazio Dentici in AltspaceVR for this six week course, every Saturday for 90 minutes from April 10 - May 15, 2021 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET/6 PM UK. You will need a Virtual Reality Head Set, like Quest 2, to participate in VR, or you can participate also via PC (in 2 D) within Altspace.

Today the benefits of meditation are very well known. Many studies have shown positive changes in the brain, blood pressure, increased creativity, better mental concentration, even changes in our genetics ( epigenetics).But what if there was more…

What if these were only effects, more visible and currently known effects of something more profound occurring under the surface.

This course will explore and train participants in the practice of Meditation, Deep Meditation, Energy healing practices as well as knowledge of our inner workings (emotions, mind, mind-body connections).

The course will be composed of 6 sessions, each of which will be 90 minutes in length. All of the sessions will occur in the EvolVr World hosted on the AltspaceVR platform.

Below is an indication of some of the things we will be covering. This course is not suitable for anyone with severe mental problems, or going through a period of extreme distress. It is open to all levels, including beginners.

Session 1 1) How to understand the different type of Meditation practices that exist 2) Inner Spiritual structures of a Human Being 3) Awakening and Consciousness 4) Deep Relaxation – a precursor to Deep Meditation

Session 2 1) The mind and it’s fundamental structure 2) Fundamental Believes 3) Re-wiring the Brain

Session 3 1) The Higher Self and the Subconscious mind 2) Dreams and Visions 3) How to remember, understand and ask for dreams 4) Visions and messages in Meditation

Session 4 1) Inner dialogues – the Key for Self Knowledge 2) Subpersonalities 3) Light Beings and Guides

Session 5 1) Reconnecting to the child within 2) The Kingdom of Heaven is of the Children 3) Healing Childhood Trauma 4) Meeting the Magical Child within

Session 6 1) Deep Meditation 2) Silence 3) Enlightenment


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